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It was in the late 1960s that Crystal Clear first patented a water distiller that would permanently alter the hydrogen bond angle of water from 104 to 114 degrees. But its inventor, John Ellis was not trying to find a way to kill mold spores. John Ellis’ patented distillers were designed solely to provide the healthiest drinking water to mankind. The byproduct of the success of the John Ellis Electron 5 steel distillers was, you might say, a bonus for mankind. The John Ellis distillers are protected by 13 patents backed by 332 FDA studies. Ask those who profited from it. Dole Foods for example. Dole was having a mold spore problem with their fruit and vegetable crops. They called John Ellis. Not only did the John Ellis water with the permanently altered hydrogen bond angle kill the mold spores, Dole discovered when they sprayed their pineapple crops with the water, the fruit was more juicy. After running their own tests on the Ellis water to find out why it did what their water couldn’t do, they called Crystal Clear to find out what, besides water, was in the water. Just John Ellis water.
On June 3, 2003 when the city of LaSalle, CO was being threatened with a daily fine of $10,000 if the odor in their sewage lagoon was not cleaned up, they called John Ellis. Crystal Clear pumped 1,000 gallons John Ellis water into the 10.5 million gallon lagoon. Within 24 hours, the water killed the odor. Within six weeks, 1/3 of the human waste in the sewage system had liquidized, saving LaSalle $350,000 in dredging costs.


City farmers who have John Ellis distillers, and who plant home gardens in their backyards and seldom if ever have their home gardens treated to kill mold spores in their yards, learned by accident, that when they water their gardens with the spill-off water from their distillers, their “crops” grow taller and healthier than they did before they watered the crops with the spill-off water. Why? Have you ever planted a home garden? If you never fertilized the soil each spring (like a real farmer), did you ever notice little white globs on the roots of any of the runt-sized crops you planted? Those white globs hanging to the roots of the potatoes, or carrots, were mold spores.
In 1848 Michael Faraday, one of the world’s most noted scientists created the formula which, he said, proved that man could permanently alter the hydrogen bond angle of water, slicing through the membranes of the food we grow to provide healthier and more abundant crops…and also slicing through the membranes of the human body to better oxygenate our blood.

Faraday’s problem was the technology needed to prove his formula would work was still 120 years in the future. No one paid attention to Faraday’s formula. And, for the most part, few people and no reporters paid attention to John Ellis’ water until a Washington Post reporter arrived at Jesus Chahin’s farm in Tlacote, Mexico in 1992. He was there only becauses lines of people up to two miles or more long waiting to fill their bottles or jerrycans from the well on Chahin’s farm. They claimed the water in Chahin’s well was miracle water that would heal their diseases and aliments. Although Jesus Chahin assured the reporter the water in the well was purified with four John Ellis distillers and not God, and that there was no miracle water, the reporter chose to write about the miracle water in the well. When the legend becomes larger than the truth, always report the legend.
Common rainwater causes mold spores to grow both outdoors and, through leaks in your roof, inside your home.
John Ellis water with a hydrogen bond angle of 114 degrees kills all mold spores inside your home or your body.
Water Can Cure Anything
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